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Shock from the cold-blooded murder of an 80-year-old by a black-clad “ninja” on a bicycle in New York

Shocking security camera video captures her in cold blood murder of an 80-year-old man. The old man was executed in the Bronx on Sunday by a gunman on a bicycle, clothed like a ninja – as the victim’s wife watched in shock.

Marcelino Valerio and his wife had just arrived home from a ‘Sweet 16’ party and got out of the car. The elderly man was shot in front of his home around 1:10 a.m., according to police sources. The creepy footage was provided by The Post.

THE murderer of Valerio—dressed in black, wearing a black ski mask—approached him on the sidewalk and shot him twice, once in the head as a free shot. The video shows Valerio’s wife watching in shock as two hysterical women get out of the car and frantically signal around for aid.

Moments earlier, the attacker was walking past the building in the opposite direction – apparently waiting for Valerio to arrive – before turning back when the car arrived. “Nothing had been heard of him. He was a wonderful man” said a friend of the 80-year-old who had a daughter.

The gunman fled on his bicycle after the shooting and remains at large.

Source: News Beast

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