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Shocking attack on a children’s party – A 12-year-old was stabbed inside an inflatable castle

Shock is caused by the attack with knife who received a 12-year-old boy while playing in an inflatable castle at his sister’s birthday party. A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the case.

The perpetrator chased the child inside the castle, punched him and kicked him before stabbing him three times in the leg, according to the Daily Mail.

It was afternoon when the attack on England Yesterday and at that time several children were celebrating the girl’s birthday.

The boy was taken to hospital and will need surgery, according to his family.

Merseyside police said the horrific attack “was not accidental” after the man was arrested. Chief Investigator Gale Rooney said: “While it is gratifying that an arrest was made quickly, our investigation is ongoing and we are gathering all the information about the circumstances under which the incident took place.

We understand the concern that such an incident causes in the community. It was not an accidental attack and we believe that everyone involved is from the surrounding area.

In any case, it is disgusting to attack a young person, so it is vital that anyone with information helps us either directly or anonymously and we will take action. “

The boy’s grandmother stated that “they came to the backyard and went to him, kicking and punching him and stabbing him three times. There was a lot of blood, so we tried to limit it to the wound until the ambulance arrived.

“There were about 14 children in the yard and we took them in as fast as we could.”

According to the family, the boy and a friend had gone to a shop on the corner and were returning to children’s party when a quarrel broke out with an older man. Shortly after the fight, two men around 20, went to the party and specifically in the backyard where the shocking attack took place.

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