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Shocking revelations about necrophiliac killer David Fuller – Moment police uncover horror files

They cause horror revelations of the crimes of 68-year-old David Fullerwho has murdered at least two women and has sexually abused nearly 100 corpses at his workplaces. According to British media, her two murders Wendy Knell25 years old, and her Caroline Pierce20 years old, were noted on 1987.

Three times married and father of four children, Mr David Fuller has been on the run from the authorities for over 30 years. He was linked to the murders in 2020, when he finally confessed. The two young women were beaten and strangled by Fuller before being sexually assaulted.

As part of the research the authorities were led to his home where they uncovered hundreds of thousands of records of the abuse of corpses of women, as well as minor girls. He used the morgue’s records to record their details in his records, while also searching social media for some of his victims. The crimes appear to have been committed at the Kent & Sussex and Tunbridge Wells hospitals in Pembury, where Fuller worked.

The shocking revelations and the chilling documents, as stated in her publication Daily Mailwere first shown on Sky documentary “David Fuller: Monster in the Morgue”.

The footage shows officers searching Fuller’s office in Heathfield, East Sussex, when discover some of the sickening photos for the first time. Then the team of researchers find a drawer full of USBs and discs, at the bottom of a wardrobe.

They contained nearly 900,000 image files of his heinous acts at Tunbridge Wells Mortuary. There were also around 500 videos of the sexual abuse, as well as evidence of his “abiding interest in the rape, abuse and murder of women”. There were also millions of images of child pornography, which he had gathered mostly from the internet.

Shelley Chatler of Kent Police said that while working on her gruesome case she initially found it hard to believe what she was seeing was real.

“He was an ordinary man. He had an ordinary life, he was married, he had children. It is hard to understand how any human being could do all this. And then all was revealed“, he said according to Daily Mail and added: “It’s like being two people in one. He lives a normal life doing his own daily chores. And on the other hand, he kills women and sexually abuses corpses.”

Source: News Beast

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