Shocking video from New York: A crane fell into a car – the driver was innocent

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Miraculously, a 22-year-old driver was saved from the New Yorkwhen he fell into her car crane. The “lucky” driver escaped with some injuries. The accident happened in the Bronx on Tuesday (09/20), when 22-year-old Danielle Cruz was at an intersection on her way to her college.

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In video a security camera has recorded the moment the crane fell on the car with the young lady describing that she first saw him knock down a light pole expecting that the next “victim” would be her car. “It happened slowly and quickly at the same time, like I felt something was going to happen after I saw the pole move,” Cruz told ABC7 News. Cruz said that if she had stopped her car a few millimeters earlier, she would be dead.

The 22-year-old was initially stuck in her car, NBC News New York reported, but managed to get out thanks to strangers who rushed to help. “I tried to get out of the car and the door wouldn’t openso a man ran to the car and opened the door and grabbed me,” he told News 4, a local station.

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The girl was taken to the hospital and immediately came out.

“The sound of the impact reminded me of the sound of the World Trade Centerr. I was sitting there when suddenly I saw the crane na it falls like a movie. Fortunately, the woman was fine,” said an eyewitness.

Source: News Beast

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