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Shocking video of the moment police officers shoot and kill a knife-wielding man in New York

Body camera video shows officers shooting and killing a knife-wielding man who attacked them last March in New York. A few minutes earlier he had allegedly stabbed his wife during a family party. The video, released by the NYPD on Monday, shows Djamshed Nematov with a large knife in his right hand as he moves toward officers minutes after they arrived on the second floor of a Queens apartment building on March 8. Officers can be heard yelling at Nematov to drop the knife before they began rapidly firing multiple rounds at the 46-year-old suspect, footage from three different body cameras shows. At approximately 03:58 in the video below: Nematov fell to the ground, while a woman was heard screaming. He later died at the hospital, according to the New York Post. Officer Kimberly O'Rourke fired once and his colleague Michael Taveas three times. The police […]
Source: News Beast

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