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Shocking video: Student furiously hits his teacher – He risks 30 years in prison

A teenager is at risk of several years in prison United Stateswho attacked with fury at teacher when she asked him to stop playing game in video console.

THE mother of the 18-year-oldwith tears in her eyes, asked for mercy for her son, since, as she said, he suffers from autism and had a very difficult childhood: “I am very sorry for what my son did and no one should ever have to go through this. Imprisonment for him would be like a “death sentence”. Please consider that my son has had a difficult life and has been through so much trauma in his life. He has autism. Please show mercy. He is scared. And to have your child call crying and say, ‘I don’t want to die’ – it’s awful,” Leanna Depa said on a TV show.

Brendan Depa attacked his teacher when he was 17 years old. THE attack was caught on camera with the issue gaining major proportions in the US. The teacher is asking for exemplary punishment for her student and, as she said, wants to see him go to prison for at least 30 years. The court will reconvene for sentencing in January.

Source: News Beast

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