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Shooter who invaded two schools in ES had been planning attacks since 2020

Shooter who invaded two schools in ES had been planning attacks since 2020

The 16-year-old teenager who invaded two schools in the city of Aracruz (ES), last Friday (25), and killed four people, told the police that he had planned to carry out the attacks since 2020 because he was a victim of bullying.

The information was presented this Monday (28), during a press conference held by the Public Security and Social Defense Secretariat of Espírito Santo (Saesp).

“The teenager claimed that he had never committed any infraction before. He said he would have been bullied, with some nicknames, in 2019, and then he started to have ideas about an attack. From 2020, he began to prepare and plan better to practice this action, but he did not tell anyone. He kept it to himself, fueling this feeling of hatred within him,” said André Jaretta, a delegate from the Homicide and Personal Protection Police Station (DHPP) in Aracruz.

Jaretta says that, according to preliminary investigations, it is possible to identify that the shooter is a “Nazi sympathizer” and that, despite having said in a statement that he acted alone in the crime, the police are investigating the involvement of other people.

During the press conference, it was also revealed that the shooter was a former student of the State Elementary and Middle School (EEFM) Primo Bitti, where the attack took place. At the moment, the teenager was not studying, as he had stopped attending school in June of this year, during his first year of high school.

Still according to the delegate, the teenager was already planning to take advantage of a moment of absence of parents to pick up the weapons and commit the crime. The shooter confessed that, when he was home alone, he used to handle his father’s guns – a lieutenant in the Military Police – to create intimacy with the equipment.

“The parents left home to go shopping in the Aracruz Center on Friday (25). The teenager knew this would take some time, so he took the opportunity to commit the attack. He wore a camouflage outfit that he had had for some time, took some objects, especially the two guns, took the family’s other car, covered the license plates and went to the schools, “revealed the delegate.

The police reported that the minor did not have specific targets, choosing the victims at random, and that, after the massacre, he returned home and remained cool, only telling his family that he was the perpetrator of the attack shortly before the police arrived at the residence. .

“He returns home to Coqueiral, takes the weapons, all the objects he used in the action and even the ones he didn’t use, and puts them away so that his parents don’t suspect that he had used them. He puts everything where he was and stays inside the house as if nothing had happened. Parents arrive and he reacts naturally. The parents already knew about the attack, they commented to him and he pretended not to understand”, said police chief João Francisco Filho.

The parents told the police that the teenager had regular follow-up with a psychologist and psychiatrist, took medication, but did not open up much at home. They will be heard again this Monday (28).

Authorities say that, despite being an unprecedented situation and a war scenario never before imagined, this is an isolated case.

“The police are attentive to the facts and will be rigorous in their analyses. We will not be irresponsible and we will act within the legality”, stated André Jaretta.

The attack left 4 people dead and 11 injured. Five people remain hospitalized in the state health network of Espírito Santo, three of which are in serious condition.

The teenager, who was apprehended, will respond for an offense similar to the crimes of 10 attempted murders and three aggravated homicides, all with the impossibility of defending the victim.

*Supervised by Giulia Alecrim

Source: CNN Brasil



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