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'Shots' from Abbas at Hamas – He 'gave pressure' to Israel to enter Gaza

Mahmoud Abbas today accused Hamas of “providing pretexts” for Israel to attack the Gaza Strip, as the Jewish state's deadly war against the Palestinian movement rages on for more than seven months. “The military operation unilaterally launched by Hamas that day, October 7, gave Israel additional pretexts and justifications to attack the Gaza Strip, killing, destroying and displacing hundreds of thousands of people,” Abbas said during the meeting. Arab League summit in Bahrain. Meanwhile, Israel's defense minister said today that additional troops will be sent to the ground operation in the Rafah area, the southern Gaza city, saying the campaign is wearing down Hamas. “This operation will continue as additional forces enter (the area). Numerous tunnels in the area have been destroyed by our troops and more tunnels will be destroyed soon,” Yoav Gallad said in a statement. “This operation will intensify – Hamas […]
Source: News Beast

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