Shots in Michigan: Scary video with the perpetrator trying to fool his classmates to open up to him

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Horror is caused by a video uploaded to TikTok through a room with students who are locked up and trying to escape from him a gunman who spread death at a Michigan school.

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Terrified students were apparently chased in a classroom during a deadly shooting at an Oxford school in Michigan and then jumped out of the window amid fears that the gunman was posing as a sheriff in the hallway, according to footage shared on social media.

“Sheriff’s Office. “It’s safe to go out,” a male voice was heard hesitantly behind the Oxford High School classroom door during the incident. shots at school which left three students dead and eight others injured.

The perpetrator was trying to fool his classmates into opening the door

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A dozen or so frightened students seen in the clip inside the room are skeptical about the so-called man behind the locked door.

A girl is heard whispering, “We do not know who he is.” A student standing by the door responds sternly to the voice on the other side: “We are not taking this risk right now.”

The man’s voice pleads: “Okay, open the door and look into my eyes, bro.” His loose tongue was enough to convince the students that they could not trust him.

“Brother said Red Flag!” says a student.

The students then jump from one of the windows on the first floor of the room and appear to be running in the snow at a main entrance to the gymnasium where a uniformed officer is stationed, according to the video.

“Slow down. “You’re fine,” the officer told the terrified teens as he finished the 52-second video shared on Snapchat, Tik Tok and Twitter.

The alleged gunman, an unknown 15-year-old sophomore at the school, was arrested five minutes later.

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