The audience of the Hamster Kombat project has reached 120 million users. The simplest clicker game that has caught the hype offers you to tap on the hamster on the screen in the Telegram messenger. Will those who have asked for hundreds of thousands or more coins be able to earn real cryptocurrency?

In the footsteps of Notcoin

In May 2024, major crypto exchanges added the Notcoin project, or more precisely its NOT token, to the listing. In Notcoin, through a telegram bot, players also clicked and accumulated numbers on the screen. And then we received NOT coins on the TON blockchain. Bottom line: the emergence of “copycat games” is only a matter of the very near future. The most successful project to date that wants to repeat its success is the game Hamster Kombat. The main difference: an animated character, which is a little more interesting to poke with your finger than the absence of any in Notcoin.


What is Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat also runs on the Telegram messenger platform. In fact, it is also implemented in the form of a telegram bot, where all the activity takes place. The player takes on the role of the general director (CEO) of a cryptocurrency exchange (yes, for some reason he is a hamster, hinting with his appearance more like a failed investor) and tries to expand his empire. The list of exchanges includes the real ones like Binance: a total of eight:


At the start, all you have to do is click to get game currency. But having accumulated virtual capital, users will also be able to invest it in developing the efficiency of clicks or in passive gaming income.

On June 3, the project reported on activity indicators on social networks:

  • a total of 78,000,000 CEOs (i.e. players) play the game;

  • of which 31,000,000 users actively play every day;

  • 6,500,000 players are online at the same time;

  • 24,000,000 Telegram community members;

  • 13,500,000 viewers have subscribed to the project’s YouTube channel;

  • 4,800,000 social media users follow Hamster Kombat in X.

However, the numbers are changing at astronomical speed. As of Monday, June 10, the number of users of the application exceeded 120 million.

How to start playing

If you click on the “Start Play” button on
official website project, she will transfer you to a telegram bot. Actually, apart from a Telegram account and a mobile device (you can’t play on a PC) with access to the messenger, you don’t need anything else to play.


After registration, the player receives his CEO hamster and can start clicking, earning in-game coins. Those who have raised a certain amount can invest in various improvements, the most pleasant of which generates conditional passive income (valid for only three hours, to renew, you need to log into the game again).

In addition, there is a system of bonuses issued for certain actions: “daily login”, “bring a friend”, “subscribe to the project’s social network” and so on.


Separately, it is worth noting the encryption system. If you type in the required code using Morse code, you will receive a hidden reward. The key to the cipher is updated every few days and is quickly shared among community members.

What will it be like to participate?

The game does not require money from the user, so it is not possible to incur direct losses yet. Even if the game does not replenish your crypto wallet, at least it will not empty it right now.


Moreover, the game recreates the mechanics of a crypto exchange in a simplified form. Therefore, in general, such gamification can help beginners get a little more familiar with the terminology and professional slang of crypto traders. Thus, the project is not just an incomprehensible clicker, as it might seem at first glance, but also a solution that educates + popularizes the cryptocurrency industry through a game format.

On the other hand, time, as they say, is also money. And in this game, such a resource is inevitably spent, and rapidly.

The developers promise to provide players with a reward in HMSTR tokens, which are even planned to be listed on crypto exchanges, following NOT.


But the size of the monetary reward for the time spent has not yet been clearly determined. And how much HMSTR will cost is also unclear (the market will decide). Therefore, the promise of free cryptocurrency, even if it is fulfilled, hardly promises fabulous wealth for players. Many questions remain for him.

What can you get with Hamster Kombat?

The creators of the game promise to launch the HMSTR half-meme token on TON and provide it to users as an airdrop (distribution of tokens). So far, all the clarity that is available is a message on social networks from the project team: “The airdrop will depend on profit per hour and some other activity parameters, which we will reveal later, and NOT on the balance of coins.”

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict profits based on this message. Therefore, by and large, players spend their time on a pig in a poke (or a hamster in a suit, as you like).

Separately, concerns related to the complete anonymity of the creators of Hamster Kombat should be voiced. All information from them is conveyed to the public by literally drawn hamsters (one of these even conducts regular news releases about cryptocurrencies on the project’s social networks). Unlike the same Notcoin, whose creator was known. Add a reference to the stereotypical image of a “crypto exchange hamster” – a not very advanced user who is prone to making rash trading decisions. Literally, the very first action that is offered to those who start playing:


For now, based on the available information, we can only reliably predict that the creators of Hamster Kombat will make a good profit. But an equally reliable forecast cannot be made about millions of players.

What made millions of people play Hamster Kombat

There are several success factors:

  1. Listing of the Notcoin project coin. He actually managed to pay out coins to players, increasing confidence in such projects.

  2. Thirst for profit. Players are promised some money for performing the most simple (and basically useless) actions. That is, people are promised free (if time costs are not taken into account) money. Which, purely theoretically, smacks of deception.

  3. Aggressive marketing based on FoMO (Fear of Missing Out). Given the skillfully created hype around the game, it is not at all surprising that more and more people are getting themselves a crypto hamster. Moreover, many game mechanics are directly tied to the promotion of the project by the users themselves. For example, players receive in-game bonuses for referring friends, and some game features are not available to those who have not brought new participants to the game pyramids.



Hamster Kombat is another, albeit the most hyped, clicker game that promises its users cryptocurrency. The game offers the simplest possible gameplay, which, combined with competent marketing and a successful market situation, heated by the previous similar game Notcoin, allows Hamster Kombat to gain enormous popularity. However, whether the game will live up to the public’s expectations and whether players will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for their endless clicks is more than an open question.

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