Shrek turns 20, did you know that?

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of “Far far away», Shrek. The goofy ogre more hilarious than cinema that today, turns 20 on the “unbelievable” notes of Smash Mouth. The cartoon targato DreamWorks has been the first to win the Oscar in the new category al best animated film. With the original voices of Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Ciuchino) e Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona), the premiere took place in Westwood, California, on April 22, 2001.

Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, Shrek is based on the fairy tale of the same name 1990’s William Steig. The anti-Disney fairytale of the green ogre splashing happily in the swamp rewrote the rules of the animated genre. The colorful film leads the way to successful film series consisting of four films and a spin-off (at the moment).

Presented in competition at 54th Cannes Film Festival, was the first American animated film projected on the Croisette from the times of Peter Pan (1953). With a global collection of 484 million dollars, Shrek he devoured the box office and earned money a star sulla Hollywood Walk of Fame. The name of the nice green ogre comes from the German term “schreck” and the Yiddish term “שרעק” (shreck), which mean “fear”.

For other fantastic curiosities, browse the gallery above. From the 218 facial muscles of the gigantic protagonist to Antonio Banderas at school from the felines to become The cat with the boots up to the 1,000 fantasy characters that populate the swamp.

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