Sick video of couple giving baby vodka shots

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There are couples who make desperate efforts to bring a child into the world – at any cost – and there are couples who have children so easily, that they do not enter the process to question what is happening around them. And not only that, they abuse their children in such a way that they provoke the crowds with it irresponsible and shameful their behavior.

As was the case with the UK couple who were arrested for child abuse after one appeared video which seems to show them to give vodka to a baby. Kent Police launched an investigation after the material was posted on social media, the couple arrested on suspicion of child abusebut, unfortunately for the little boy, he was released on bail later, with the investigation, however, continuing.

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“Steps were taken to protect those involved and a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of child abuse later that day,” police officers told SWNS of the incident, which happened in June in Dover, Kent County.

The video of vodka shots on a baby is shocking

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In a video of about 14 seconds that was made viral in the Facebooka woman believed to be the mother of the child it seems that throws something that looks like bottle of vodka in a cap, while a seated infant watches. Subsequently, in a shocking way he gives it to the baby and tilts the little one’s head back to get off -as most moms do with syrup.

All the while, a shirtless man in shorts and sneakers, believed to be the father of the boyappears to be standing nearby, apparently without understanding or realizing what is happening. Loud music plays during the short clip as the baby he sits on the floor with the woman.

Fortunately, the video did not go unnoticed from others. Police confirmed they went to the family’s home following reports of a disturbance, which is when they learned of the horrific incident.

“On arrival, officers were made aware of concerns about a child at an address in the area,” a police spokesman said, adding that the parents were arrested for child abuse.

Unfortunately, according to New York Postthe “parents” have since been released on bail and the child is back in their custody, SWNS reported.

The reactions on social media for the video in question

The couple accepted reactions from hundreds of users of social media after sharing the video online.

“It’s very sad. I posted about it on Facebook, but it kept getting taken down,” complained one img, who chose to remain anonymous. “I contacted social services who said the baby is safe but is still with his parents.”

Fortunately, a spokesman for Kent County Council claims that children’s services have been alerted to the situation: “I can confirm that social services are aware and have taken appropriate action,” they said.

The similar case of Indonesia

In a similar case the 2010a toddler from Indonesia set the internet ablaze after a video surfaced showing it smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day.

Luckily, the smoking hottie kicked the bad habit three years later, but then started eating junk food and condensed milk non-stop, causing him to weigh 56kg by the age of 5.

Source: News Beast

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