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Sidney Magal records hospital video to reassure fans: “My blood boils for you”

The singer Sidney Magal, 72 years old, who is admitted to a hospital in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo, made a video earlier this Friday afternoon (26) to reassure his fans.

“It was a spike in high blood pressure, extremely high. I have for a long time, I worried and thought I should run to the hospital,” said the artist.

Magal was hospitalized after feeling sick and interrupting his show, on Thursday night (25). During a presentation at Sesi in the city of São José dos Campos, Magal had an “indisposition”. According to Vivalle Hospital, the artist remains hospitalized.

He even received the first assistance from the medical team on duty at the site, Sesi reported.

After being medicated, the doctors advised Magal, for safety reasons, not to return to the stage. With a microphone in the dressing room, he even sang a few songs before ending the presentation.

Videos recorded by people present in the audience showed an ambulance positioned on standby next to the Sesi stage.

Ambulance next to the stage during a presentation by singer Sidney Magal, at Sesi in São José dos Campos, this Thursday (25).

The singer was also recorded talking to the audience while backstage.

“I’m stopped taking a medication here to normalize the pressure and to show you that everything is fine, including my blood. And I will show you that my blood boils for you”, she said before singing “My Blood Boils for You”.

A CNN contacted Sidney Magal’s advisor about the incident, and is awaiting a response.

(Posted by Carolina Farias)

Source: CNN Brasil

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