Signing of a new agreement between Union Eurobank – Eurobank against Violence and Harassment

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The Eurobank Bank Employees’ Association speaks in a statement about a groundbreaking contract between Union Eurobank – EUROBANK against Violence and Harassment at Work.

As it states in a press release, “on Friday, May 20, 2022, after painstaking negotiations with the representatives of the Bank, we signed in the spirit of Law 4808/2021 the ESS, which is the culmination of the above procedure.

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This agreement reflects the ‘absolute commitment of the Bank to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, completely free from any incidents of violence and harassment in the implementation of what is mentioned in Law 4808/2021’, with the adoption of a progressive policy and procedure against B of Harassment at Work. In the final text there are important interventions of the representatives of our Association (as the most representative trade union organization of the Bank’s employees) the main ones of which are the following:

Commission against Violence and Harassment

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1. This Committee (five members) will not only have an investigative character, like the respective Committees of other Organizations, but will be decisive, since it will examine each case introduced and will impose “Sanctions – Measures – Disciplinary Penalties” against the complainant. (Expansion of the penalty provided by the Personnel Service Organization).

2. In this Committee will participate a representative of the employees who will be appointed by the Board. of the most representative trade union organization. The other members will be: The Head of the General Directorate of Legal Services (Chairman), The Head of the General Directorate of Regulatory Compliance (Member), the Head of the General Directorate of Human Resources (Member) and / Head of the Operational Risk Division of the Group (Member).

3. The employee representative will hold the position of Vice-President of the Commission, which signals the importance of his role in the Commission.

4. The Committee will be in quorum for the meeting and for the decision making in the presence of ALL its MEMBERS and not only with the majority of the Bank’s representatives. This regulation is institutionally innovative and ensures the representation of employees in every case.

Progressive framework – Transparency

-The institutionalized Policy against Violence and Harassment at Work has a wider scope of application than the existing Labor Regulations, because it is mandatory for all those who have a contract of employment (full-time or part-time, indefinite or part-time) even if it is indefinite. of the Bank, Managing Employees or Members of the Board!

– They apply to those who are employed under a project contract, independent services and a paid mandate.

-Also to the employees through third party Service providers, but also to people who attend training (trainees, apprentices, volunteers).
It also occupies employees whose employment has expired, as well as people seeking work at the Bank.

-The power framework is very broad and is not limited to the workplace. It includes its accommodation and personal hygiene, care and locker rooms.

-It also refers to travel, to and from work, travel, education, events and social activities related to work.

“It also applies to work-related communications, including those made through information, communication and teleworking technologies,” the statement concluded.

Source: Capital

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