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Silver economy: market for 50+ moves BRL 2 trillion a year in Brazil

Silver economy: market for 50+ moves BRL 2 trillion a year in Brazil

The silver economy is everything consumed — products and services — by people age 50 and older. An economic segment that moves BRL 2 trillion a year in Brazil, according to Data8, a consultancy specializing in this public, and that could double in a few years.

In the world, this market already turns US$ 15 trillion a year, more than China’s GDP.

Layla Vallias, one of the founders of Data8, says that it is important for all brands and businesses to pay attention to this audience, which has been growing as the Brazilian population ages.

“Today we talk as if it were a niche, but soon everyone will have to be a bit of a specialist in the silver economy, otherwise, they lose market. They already represent more than 30% of consumers in the customer base of all sectors”, says Vallias.

But, to consume, it is necessary to get ahead with financial security. Marcia Dessen, Planejar’s financial planner, explains that the best way out is to start planning when you’re still young, during the period of wealth accumulation, to get ahead with peace of mind.

For this, choosing accurate investments is part of the package.

”A mistake I see many people make is: experiencing youth, the first phase of maturity, and only start worrying about retirement or old age when old age arrives. Today, I see that the best investment for seniors is fixed income. And fixed income today is not savings. Savings is part of it, but there is an infinite number of investments in fixed income, with income tax-free securities that are safe, profitable, and pay at least 100% of the Selic or CDI rate”, analyzes Marcia.

O CNN Soft Business which airs this Sunday (27) also reflects on Agetechs — startups focused on serving the 50+ audience — that are born out of this growing need for businesses to adapt their services to this audience.

Silverhub, for example, is an accelerator that expects to invest BRL 5 million over the next 24 months. They have already mapped 70 companies from the most diverse fields with the potential to align technology with quality services for the elderly.

O CNN Soft Business airs every Sunday at 11:15 pm. You can check it out on TV and also on Youtube.

*Published by Sofia Kercher under the supervision of Ana Carolina Nunes

Source: CNN Brasil



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