Silvio Berlusconi turns 85, the social wishes of his girlfriend Marta Fascina

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Silvio Berlusconi turns 85 today. And the thirty-one-year-old girlfriend Marta Fascina, which from spring 2020 replaced Francesca Pascale in the heart of the Knight, he wanted to make him congratulations with a social photo that portrays them hand in hand against the backdrop of a garden full of flowers: «Happy Birthday my love»Wrote the Fascina accompanying the words with three red hearts. Then a series of hashtags: #love #silvioberlusconi #berlusconiunicoleader #berlusconipresidente #happybirthday.

The couple that few believed in seems to work.

Marta Antonia Fascina, born in Calabria, raised in Campania, graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the Sapienza University of Rome, would be linked to Berlusconi from spring 2020. The first rumors had begun at that time. Then, in August of the same year, the “official” first summer at Villa Certosa, the Knight’s residence on the Costa Smeralda.

Since then, the 31-year-old has never stopped showing all her love for Berlusconi. Last August, to say, she has her initials, SB, tattooed on her left ring finger (Sabina Began and Francesca Pascale had done the same in the past). A sign of adoration for the man who, despite the difference in age, has stolen her heart and “deserves all the love there is».

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