Simon Bales catapult for sexual abuse in US gymnastics federation: FBI fails

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Simon Byles and other gymnasts testified in the Senate on the sexual abuse case, accusing the FBI of failing to protect them.

Creepy moments unfolded to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee during the testimony of Simone Bales in the case of sexual abuse by Larry Nassar.

Four of the 260 gymnasts who fell victim to the country’s former gymnastics federation chief went to court again, this time in the Senate, as the case file was opened to determine if the FBI was responsible for its inaction. quickly, with the result that Nassar for months continued to exploit his victims.

When Biles took the stage, she was shocked by her testimony and with tears in her eyes, she did not only deal with the perpetrator, but also with the FBI, which accuses her of negligent investigation, while there are hints of possible cover-up in the case.

“To be clear, I blame Larry Nassar and I also blame an entire system that allowed and perpetuated his behavior. “I do not want another young gymnast, or an Olympic athlete, or any other person to experience the horror that I and hundreds of others have suffered before, during, and repeatedly to this day after being abused by Larry Nassar,” he said.

“The signs of this horrific abuse continue. The impact of this man’s abusive behavior will never be overcome, “she said, adding that she attacked not only the FBI but also her country’s federation and the Olympic Committee.

“The FBI closed its eyes and we suffered. We suffered because no one in the FBI, the Federation and the Olympic Committee did what was necessary to protect us. We were disappointed and we deserve answers. Nassar is where he belongs, but those who allowed it must be held accountable. “If it does not happen, I am convinced that this will continue to happen in other Olympic sports,” said the gymnast of Olympics.


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