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Simona Ventura got married at the Grand Hotel in Rimini: the location, the monumental cake, the menu

They chose the Grand Hotel Rimini, Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzifor their dream wedding. A place that had already tied them together years ago, when together right here they had been organizing for years «The Dolce Vita Terrace“, a series of open-air salons in which the two enjoy interviewing current affairs personalities, actors, journalists, writers and various characters. It is no coincidence that the couple defines this place their “heart place”and this could only be the one chosen to say yes in front of more than two hundred guests.

What is the Grand Hotel in Rimini like?


A place rich in history, with its over one hundred and ten years wonderfully worn: the Grand Hotel of Rimini is not just a hotel, and it is not even just one of the most luxurious and legendary hotels of the entire Riviera Romagnola.

His iconic and elegant Liberty facade overlooking the seathe rooms and lounges furnished with period pieces and valuable details, the marbles and its lush garden, as well as that close link with the figure of Federico Fellini make it a symbolic place of these coasts, a point of reference that tells its history.

The Story of the Grand Hotel and Fellini’s Love

Simona Ventura got married at the Grand Hotel in Rimini the location the monumental cake the menu

Inaugurated in July 1908, the Grand Hotel in Rimini was brought to international fame by the great director Federico Fellini, completely in love with this spacewhere today, not by chance, there is a park dedicated to him. The result of the fascination that the hotel had always exerted on him was the inclusion of the structure in some of the most important scenes of his masterpiece, Amarcord.

Since then, even more so, this place has become a symbol of Riviera tourism, of the elegance of Italian seaside history, of a certain type of Dolce Vita. So much so that in 1994 it became a national monument.


Simona Ventura got married at the Grand Hotel in Rimini the location the monumental cake the menu

The hotel today has 172 rooms, which are divided between the historic 5 Star Luxury building and the 4 Star Residenza Parco Fellini. Inside, beautiful sea view rooms furnished with the elegance of the past, a luxurious Spa and a restaurant that cooks local products with an international touch, both named after the Dolce Vita. Each room is different, with the Liberty style of the beginning of the last century that is found in the original parquet from the beginning of the twentieth century and in some original pieces of furniture such as desks, chairs and armchairs.

The most luxurious rooms of the Grand Hotel are the Regal Suites, 75 square meters of rooms with king size double bed or two single bedsa living room and a spacious bathroom with large shower and hydromassage tub.

For weddings, like that of Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi, the hotel offers the magical atmosphere of the terrace, the romantic garden of centuries-old trees, the private beach and some majestic halls inside the historic building.

The monumental cake by Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi

Simona Ventura got married at the Grand Hotel in Rimini the location the monumental cake the menu

Among the many famous guests, also the master pastry chef Iginio Massari and his daughter and entrepreneurial heir, Debora Massari. In fact, they were the creators of the monumental cake that was cut by the newlyweds at the end of the dinner.

Five tiers of white and gold, in a rather classic and sumptuous wedding cake, with the initials of the bride and groom engraved on a gigantic central crest. A traditional cake, made with blancmange based on pureed raw almonds – explains the maestro -, vanilla and raspberry mousse. Roses and colorful flowers all around, to complete the work of sure effect. Among the secrets revealed by Massari on the cake, the idea of ​​making decorations in odd numbers (as well as the tiers), to “confirm the indivisibility of marriage”.

The dinner menu chosen by the newlyweds

Simona Ventura got married at the Grand Hotel in Rimini the location the monumental cake the menu

The menu was created by Claudio of BernardoExecutive Chef of the La Dolce Vita restaurant of the Grand Hotel in Rimini. The courses included «Mosaico», an appetizer based on fish and shellfish, vegetables and citrus fruits; a “Cacio & Pesce” cappelletto with amberjack, sweet pecorino cheese, carrot cream and hazelnuts; a sea bass with a stew of summer vegetables, asparagus and fish stock sauce and a melon & lemon balm sorbet. All accompanied with Trentodoc from Cantine Ferrari.

Source: Vanity Fair

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