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Simone Marchetti's editorial: traveling responsibly

This editorial by the director on traveling responsibly is published in issue 20 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until 14 May 2024.

In recent weeks, an initiative by the Municipality of Venice has caused a lot of discussion: charging 5 euros to those who visit it for the day, or without staying there (those who stay there at least one night, in fact, already pay a tourist tax). Thus, for almost the entire month of May, every arriving tourist will be able to move around the streets, canals and fields just by buying a ticket, exactly like you do in a museum.
This new way of managing visitor flows has a very valid reason behind it: every year, in fact, Venice welcomes up to 14 million travellers, an unsustainable figure given its fragility. And again: in recent decades, its center has transformed into a sort of amusement parka Disneyland city where residents continue to decline and today end up below the threshold of 50 thousand citizens.
Last year, around this time, the Ministry of Tourism launched the initiative Open to Wondera clumsy mass call to travel to Italy that not only ended up in the crosshairs of criticism and irony but did not evaluate in any way and without any foresight the great impact of tourism on the fragile and historical beauty of Italy.
On the eve of next summer and at a time when many are thinking about summer holidays or dreaming and organizing next trips, we wanted to think about a number of Vanity Fair in which we would like to lead you to reflect on how traveling can become not only a way to discover the world, but to change it for the better.
In the next pages, on our website, on our social channels and also in some special initiatives we therefore decided to introduce the concept of #visitresponsibly, of traveling responsibly.
Together with the experts from IFExperience we have drawn up a sort of handbook of contemporary travel that does not crowd into the usual places but seeks new ones, that learns the art of moving and knowing slowly instead of in a hit-and-run mode and that tries to redesign the idea of ​​travel that we have imagined until today.
Traveling remains one of the most important and beautiful experiences in life, a fundamental opportunity for growth, discovery of diversity and dialogue between diversities. But traveling conscientiously, responsibly, is today another and very powerful way of changing the world, not just knowing it.

Enjoy the reading.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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