Simone Tebet asks TSE to remove campaign aired with Michelle Bolsonaro

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Simone Tebet’s campaign (MDB) presented a lawsuit to the Superior Electoral Court asking the Court to remove from the air a partisan propaganda aired this Monday (30) in which only the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, appears.

In the lawsuit, Tebet’s campaign claimed that the recording is irregular, considering the rules for supporters of candidates who appear in electoral propaganda videos. “It so happens that, of the free electoral propaganda programs on radio and television, both in block and in inserts, supporters will only ‘will be able to have up to 25% of the time of each program or insert”, said Tebet. According to the candidate, Michelle would have exceeded the time limit.

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In the request, the campaign also said that “there is no doubt that the person of Michelle Bolsonaro constitutes herself as a supporter of her husband and not as a presenter or interlocutor, and has the potential to provide electoral benefits to the candidate, the candidate, the party, the federation or coalition that carries the propaganda.

Sought, Bolsonaro’s campaign has not yet manifested.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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