Simpler 4.0.4

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simpler is an application that will help you learn English. Lots of different rules and exercises to learn.

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The method of our application is very convenient and modern. You can learn English very quickly and easily. You can not only learn the rules of the English language quickly and easily, but also learn new words, as well as read various stories and even books in English. Listening will also be available to you so that you memorize English phrases by ear. The training system is extremely simple and suitable for beginners. You will receive only the most important information, which you immediately fix in your head with the help of rules. But for a full-fledged study of English, it is not enough just to learn the rules, you also need to practice speaking. So in our application there is a dialogue function after each lesson you will become a participant in the dialogue with a native speaker. The application has a very simple and bright interface.

Simpler application features:

  • The application works without the Internet.
  • The app won’t take up any space on your phone.
  • Lots of tutorials to learn English.
  • Dictionaries and listening.
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