Simpsons episode censored by Disney+ Hong Kong

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Fans of the animated series Simpsons realized that a scene of characters visiting Tiananmen Square, the Tiananmen, is missing from the streaming channel Disney+ de Hong Kong.

In the 2005 episode “Goo Goo Gai Pan”, the family travels to China to adopt a baby. The Simpsons clan passes through Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, where they find a sign that reads “Nothing Happened at This Place in 1989,” a joke about the 1989 event, where pro-democracy protesters rallied for several months.

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According to sources, the 12th episode of season 16 of “The Simpsons” is not available on Disney+ for Hong Kong subscribers.

Neither Disney nor China responded to contacts from CNN about the reason for the unavailability of the episode. It is unclear whether China blocked it or whether Disney chose not to air the episode there.

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The Hong Kong Trade and Economic Development office said in a statement published by The New York Times that the recently enacted censorship law applies to movies and not streaming services like Disney+.

China regularly censors the media, and companies operating in the country are forced to censor the search results of Chinese users – mainly images and information about the protests in Tiananmen Square and the murders that followed.

The Chinese government has been working hard to restrict images of the 1989 event as a threat to the legitimacy of its one-party regime.

Many were killed on June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square. Estimates of the death toll range from several hundred to thousands. The massacre made headlines around the world – as did iconic images like “The Unknown Rebel” challenging the troops in the square.

Historically, Hong Kong has always had more freedom than mainland China. In recent years, China has cracked down on content under the National Security Act 2020 that criminalized acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces to jeopardize national security.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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