Sindipetro-RJ files a lawsuit against the appointment of Paes de Andrade to Petrobras

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Another lawsuit against the appointment of Caio Paes de Andrade to the presidency of Petrobras was filed this week, this time at the 4th Federal Court of Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro, by the Oil Workers Union of Rio de Janeiro (Sindipetro-RJ) .

The popular action asks for an urgent injunction so that the appointment of Paes de Andrade is annulled, alleging that the executive does not meet the minimum requirements for the position, as in the other actions, but also questions a possible conflict of interest due to the fact that his ex-wife de Paes de Andrade, Margot Greenman, from whom she separated in 2020, to own a company that provides services to Petrobras.

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According to the documents attached to the lawsuit, Greenman is a founding partner of Captalys Companhia de Crédito, which in turn is a partner of the company iDtrust Tecnologia de Software Ltda, a company contracted by Petrobras to operate the platform for advancing receivables to state-owned suppliers, Finafor.

On the same day as the Sindipetro-RJ action, the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Petrobras, the Unique Federation of Oil Workers (FUP) and the National Association of Petroleum Workers Minority Shareholders of Petrobras (Anapetro) also filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro against the appointment of Paes de Andrade. Anapetro has also joined the CVM against the election of the executive.

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Paes de Andrade took office as president of the state-owned company last Tuesday, 28, without public ceremony.

So far, no court decision has been released.

Source: CNN Brasil

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