Sinead Diver, 44 years old and two children, the first Marathon at the Olympics

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Many lives are lived in sport, for information ask Sinead Diver. She was born in Ireland, in a complicated year, 1977. She graduated in Physical Education from the University of Limerick. She was in her early twenties, no idea what to do with herself. At the age of 25, in 2002, he decided to move to Australia. For love. Of the journey, of a man, of a new life. He taught in Melbourne schools for a while. Sports practiced? A bit of everyone, which means no one in particular.

A lot of passion, no specialization. Enlightenment arrives at the age of 30: Sinead understands that the marathon is his life, and vice versa. So start running. Everywhere, in Melbourne, where he lives.

He participated in several races, but the certainty of having chosen the right path came in 2014 at the Melbourne Marathon, which finished in second place with a very respectable time: 2:34:15. It was then that they asked her: shouldn’t you make a profession out of this passion? Sinead took a look at his ID card. Which read: 37 years. A little late to start getting serious. Or not? No, it was answered. It is never too late to make your dreams come true.

During these years, a few things have happened to her. The first: she had two children. She has therefore become a marathon mother. The second: she found out she was good. Indeed more: very good. Probably the best Australian marathoner, because in the meantime he has taken the new citizenship, in circulation.

Four years after his first official Marathon – we are still in Melbourne, this time in 2018 – Sinead crossed the finish line first. Amazing time: 2:25:17. Conquered at the beautiful age of 41. This made her the best Australian marathoner ever in the over 40 category. Good. It is worth insisting. At the London Marathon – two years ago – he improved his time even more. 2:24:11. It is as if, for her, Time has stopped. Or rather: chased her in her race towards other goals.

Today Sinead Diver is 44 years old. She is ready for the Olympic debut. She will be in Tokyo too. With all its history on its shoulders, with all the effort, with all the joy of these years. He will be the oldest athlete ever to participate in the Olympics for Australia. She is serene, age has never been a problem for a woman who has lived many lives. “I’m over forty, so what? My luck was that I started running late. I am whole, I want to improve myself, I do not set myself limits. And then I train with people much younger than me, but age is not a problem ».

His story looks like a movie. Maybe it will. «Running the Tokyo Marathon is a dream come true. I am proud of this opportunity. I will try to do my best. Every athlete on the starting line in Sapporo has moved mountains to be there, it will be a very special place and I will be happy to be there ».

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