Singapore seeks 2 million euros in damages from a woman who refused to become his girlfriend

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He wanted a relationship, she just wanted a friendship. A Singaporean man asked the equivalent of over 2 million euros in damages to a woman with whom he had had a friendly relationship for four years, and who would “caused a trauma” and allegedly “damaged his reputation” by refusing to become his fiancée.

The requested sum would be used to «cover the loss of earnings and investments” (she would have “lost five commercial partnerships” due to constant disagreements with her friend, and now she would struggle to find new clients) as well as for “rehabilitation and therapy programs to overcome the trauma suffered”, as written in the documents of the court.

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The two, both from Singapore, had met for the first time in 2016, but in 2020 the problems and differences of opinion began: «While the woman considered the man only as a friend, he considered her his “friend more intimate”. She, who has never reciprocated the sentiment, asked him to reduce their interactions, but the man did not like this decision, according to whom an estrangement would have constituted “a step backwards in the relationship”. Her friend, however, was very determined: she stressed the need to establish precise boundaries in their relationship and she urged the man to be “self-sufficient”.

The woman had also attended coaching sessions for 18 months, hoping that they would help her friend “come to terms with his decision not to become his girlfriend.” But the result was not what was hoped for. And, faced with repeated requests for more frequent meetings, in May 2022 the woman decided to cut off all contact with his former friend, explaining that after years of trying to alleviate the man’s unhappiness, he now intended to resist his threats. In fact, shortly after, he reported him for harassment. Their case will be heard in court on February 9.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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