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Singer Chrystian, Ralf’s former duo, dies at age 67

Singer Chrystian, from the country duo “Chrystian and Ralf”, died at the age of 67 on Wednesday night (19) after being admitted to Hospital Samaritano, in São Paulo.

The information was confirmed by the artist’s family and team.

Chrystian was diagnosed with a polycystic kidney — a disorder in which cysts develop in the organs — and was admitted to hospital in February this year for a kidney transplant. However, the surgery was postponed after unforeseen issues arose in the pre-operative exams.

Ralf’s former duo had a show scheduled for next Saturday (22) in Franco da Rocha, a city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, but canceled the performance due to health problems.

“Chrystian was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that requires immediate rest and specialized treatment. The singer is following all medical recommendations,” said the cancellation statement.

The statement also said that Chrystian was following all medical recommendations.

In a statement, Chrystian’s family thanked fans and friends for their support and recalled the artist’s dedication during his 60-year career.

Kidney transplantation

In February, Chrystian was admitted for pre-operative examinations at Hospital do Rim, in São Paulo, where he would undergo a kidney transplant in March.

The singer’s wife, Key Vieira, made herself available to be an organ donor, through a laparoscopy.

The procedure had to be postponed so that Chrystian could take medications that would prepare him for surgery.

At the end of January, Chrystian recorded the DVD “60 Anos na Estrada”, at Teatro Bradesco, in São Paulo.

At the time of the recording, the countryman’s wife declared herself on social media. In a post alongside Chrystian, Key Vieira wrote: “I was very moved by the song ‘Under the blue sky’… being your inspiration, once again, to compose such a beautiful song made me very emotional. I love you”.

(With information from Aline Oliveira and Mariana Valbão)

Source: CNN Brasil

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