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Singer Joelma tests positive for Covid-19 for the fifth time

The team of singer Joelma, who is 47 years old, communicated via social media that the artist tested positive for the fifth time for Covid-19 this Saturday afternoon (12).

The statement states that Joelma is fine and asks everyone to stay calm. The singer’s show that would take place in Alvorada, Tocantins, this weekend had to be cancelled.

Joelma also appeared on video in her stories to reassure fans. She says she doesn’t believe it, but this time it’s different.

“I don’t even believe it. People from Alvorada, Tocantins, unfortunately it wasn’t this time, it was going to be beautiful, right? But I’m fine guys. Unlike other times, I’m pretty calm,” she said.

The city has previously had a show canceled by the artist, in June of this year. The singer’s team says they will talk to the Alvorada City Hall to verify a new possibility of a date for the concert.

*under the supervision of Gabriela Ghiraldelli

Source: CNN Brasil

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