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Singer Netinho has a show canceled in Aracaju after supporting criminal acts in Brasília

The Iate Clube de Aracaju canceled the performance of the Bahian singer Netinho in the Carnival block “Por Amor ao Iate”, which will take place on January 28, after the artist declared support for criminal acts promoted by supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL ) in Brasília on the 8th.

The singer said, in a note published on his Instagram on Sunday (15), that he learned of the cancellation through social networks. “In 2019 and 2020 I held the same event, sold out, which took place without any political speeches, without violence or confusion of any kind,” the statement reads.

“In relation to the fake news spread stating that I would have encouraged acts of vandalism and terrorism, I regret, deny and reaffirm that I have always been in favor of family, peace and love, which have always been part of my repertoire”, he continues.

Netinho made more than one publication on social networks, with videos of the protesters and texts encouraging the participation of more people in the acts. The publications have already been deleted by the singer.

The Yacht Club of Aracaju also manifested itself on the social network, two days after the criminal acts in Brasília: “The Board of the Yacht Club of Aracaju (ICAJU) in respect for Sergipe society and the members of the club, goes public to clarify that it does not condone nor does it support anti-democratic acts and will never allow any such action within our institution.”

*Published by Fernanda Pinotti, from CNN, in São Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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