Single allowance for children: will arrive in March 2022

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Finally, the decree implementing the measure should arrive in the Council of Ministers next week, and the applications for the single allowance for children they can be sent from January 2022. The first disbursements will be possible instead from March and for the preceding months, i.e. January and February, the bridging allowance and family allowances already active from 1 July will continue to be guaranteed.

The contribution is intended for families with children up to the age of 21. You can apply for it from the seventh month of pregnancy. The amount will be calculated on the basis of the ISEE declared by each nucleus, which is why it has been indicated as the starting month March. To give parents the opportunity to submit the income certification for the previous year within the required time frame. It starts from 175-180 euros per child for the lowest incomes (up to about 7 thousand euros), to switch to 250-260 from the third child onwards. It goes down 50 euros per child for higher incomes. According to estimates, 4 out of 5 families should get 100 euros per child.

There is also an increase if both parents work, as requested by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti with the purpose of encourage female employment. The single check will replace the support already active for families: mother and baby bonuses, family allowances, deductions. The single contribution will include them all and will also be up to children with disabilities, without age limits. If an applicant already receives the Basic income, the single check will be disbursed together with this contribution.

To request it, simply send the application through the INPS portal, through your personal Spid or electronic identity card. You can also contact the Contact Center or the Patronage Bodies.

It is a worthwhile contribution 20 billion a year, as Minister Bonetti explained, and above all she wants to favor the trend of births, which have been in constant decline for over ten years in Italy. The payment of the contribution, which will be paid at 50 percent between the parents, can be made by crediting the current account, domiciled bank transfer, payment card with Iban or postal booklet in the name of the requesting parent.

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