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Sinhazinha do Boi case already has 5 prisoners and 11 crimes investigated; understand

The investigation into the death of the former Boi Garantido lady is investigating ten crimes involving Djidja Cardoso's family members and employees of a beauty salon and a veterinary clinic.

In addition to the intentional homicide of the influencer, there is also the investigation of crimes related to drug trafficking, false imprisonment and abortion.

On Friday afternoon (31/5) the police arrested the fifth person identified as a participant in an illegal scheme that involved a religious sect and the use of horse anesthetic for hallucinogenic purposes.

A CNN obtained access to the 238-page investigation into the death of the former Parintins festival character. It brings a series of testimonies from people related to the group, as well as photos and videos that show ketamine, or ketamine, a substance used as an anesthetic for large animals.

Investigators have already collected evidence that points to an illegal scheme that involved a family sect, a beauty salon and a veterinary clinic.

The evidence points to the fact that the former little lady was a member of a kind of religious group that called her “Maria Madalena”. Her brother would be “Jesus” and their mother, the figure of “Mary”.

Djidja's brother and mother were arrested, as were three other employees — a manager, a makeup artist and a makeup artist — at the family's beauty salon. In total, five people are detained for their participation in the scheme.

There are several accusations against Djidja's brother, Ademar Farias Cardoso Neto. He was allegedly responsible for the rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping and abortion of a girlfriend, who was also involved in the actions of the “Father, Mother and Life” sect. A CNN tries to contact Ademar's defense.

As ketamine is a restricted substance for veterinarians, the clinic that allegedly supplied the item to the sect is also being investigated.

In this case, there is the crime of forgery, corruption, adulteration or alteration of a product intended for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. The police also included the crimes of trafficking and association with trafficking in the investigation.

Against the supposed leaders of the sect, Djidja's mother and brother, there are also accusations of quackery and witchcraft. Basically, the investigation was advanced as the horse anesthetic trafficking was already being investigated. Djidja's death would only have accelerated this process.

See the list of crimes investigated below:

  1. homicide with possible intent
  2. drug trafficking
  3. trafficking association
  4. danger to the life or health of others
  5. falsification, corruption, adulteration or alteration of a product intended for therapeutic or medicinal purposes
  6. abortion induced without the pregnant woman's consent
  7. rape of vulnerable
  8. quackery
  9. healerism
  10. kidnapping and false imprisonment
  11. illegal constraint

Source: CNN Brasil

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