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Sinhazinha do Boi was “Maria Madalena” in a sect, investigations show

Investigations into the death of Boi Garantido's little lady, Djidja Cardoso, revealed macabre details about an alleged sect of which she was a member. According to the police investigation of more than 200 pages, Djidja, aged 32, was called “Maria Madalena” within the group.

The sect's relationship with Christian characters also involved other family members. Djidja's mother was known as “Mary of Nazareth”, mother of Jesus Christ, while her brother, Adhemar Farias, would be Jesus himself.

Adhemar is accused of rape, false imprisonment, abortion and kidnapping of an ex-girlfriend involved in the sect.

Sect involved beauty salon and veterinary clinic

The illegal scheme involved a beauty salon owned by Djidja's family, of which she was a partner, and a veterinary clinic. Investigators found evidence of trafficking in ketamine, a veterinary anesthetic used by the group.

Quackery and drug trafficking

So far, five people have been arrested, including Djidja's mother and brother, as well as three employees of the beauty salon. The accusations include charlatanism, curanderismo, adulteration of therapeutic materials, drug trafficking and association for drug trafficking.

The investigation, which had been underway for around 40 days before Djidja's death, gained momentum after the incident. The investigations point to a complex criminal scheme involving the sect, the beauty salon and the veterinary clinic.

Source: CNN Brasil

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