“Situation in Donbass is extremely difficult,” says President Zelensky

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his evening speech on Saturday that “the situation in Donbass is extremely difficult” as the Russian army has intensified attacks on Slovyansk and Severodonetsk in recent days.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are deterring this offensive. Each day that our defenders depart from these offensive Russian plans, interrupting them, is a concrete contribution to the approach of the main day. The desired day that we are all longing for and fighting for: Victory Day,” said Zelensky.

“No Russian attacks; nor by missiles in the Rivne region, nor by artillery in the region of Kharkiv or Sumy, nor by all possible weapons in Donbass, will give any result to Russia”, added Zelensky.

On Tuesday (24), it will be three months since the forces led by Vladimir Putin began the invasion of Ukraine, called by the Russians a “special military operation”.

Since then, Ukraine has resisted the bombings as best it can, relying especially on military and financial aid sent by the West. This Saturday, US President Joe Biden sanctioned a package worth US$ 40 billion in aid to Ukrainians.

The war has also led to a strengthening of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This week, Finland and Sweden officially submitted their applications to join the military alliance. However, approval by all 30 allies could take up to a year, diplomats say.

Since the beginning of the war, Western countries have also imposed a series of restrictions on Russia, in order to stop Putin’s military actions. Russia counterattacked and also imposed sanctions: one is President Vladimir Putin’s demand that “hostile” countries pay for gas in rubles, rather than in euros or dollars declared in their contracts.

This Saturday, Russia cut off the supply of natural gas to Finland, precisely because the Nordic country had refused to pay for gas in Russian currency.

Source: CNN Brasil

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