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Six dead Russian soldiers after the explosion of a landing craft in the Black Sea

The Ukrainian Navy claims it blew up a Russian landing craft in Black Seakilling six soldiers, just hours after the Kyiv said its air defense systems shot down 22 of the 25 Shahed drones launched by Moscow in the southern region of Odessa near the Romanian border.

The Navy of Ukraine reported on its Telegram channel that its air forces “destroyed an enemy vessel KS-701” that was trying to unload materials and weapons in the northwestern Black Sea region. “The enemy suffered casualties. Six dead and two injured,” said the statement, which could not be immediately verified.

Earlier, Ukrainian authorities said at least two civilians were wounded in the waves of attacks that hit port infrastructure on the Danube River near Odessa and on the border with Romania, adding that the attacks lasted about three and a half hours.

Source: News Beast

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