Six EVEA proposals for the development law

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Six proposals of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for the greatest possible response of its member companies to the new Development Law, were submitted by the President of EVEA, Giannis Bratakos, in a letter to the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis and Nikos Papathanasis.

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EVEA’s proposals concern additions, additions and amendments to the draft law, in order to improve its developmental character, to accelerate the absorption of funds and to increase employment.

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More specifically, regarding the special categories of aid that will receive the incentive of the grant, it is proposed to direct them to projects implemented in fire-affected areas of Attica, which show secured financing through equity or loan pre-approval and which show an increase in employment during the last years, or after the investment.

The EVEA also proposes a review of the discrimination between SMEs under the new law, as opposed to the policies, programs and measures developed and implemented by the European Union for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, in order to facilitate access in grants for a larger share of medium-sized enterprises, which will have a positive effect on normalizing competition between the Member States of the European Union and on the wider economic recovery.

Regarding the new Regional Aid Charter that will be valid for the period 2022 – 2027, the EVEA proposes to make an ex-ante diagnosis of the expected effects that will arise from the exclusion of the Central, North and South Sector from the Athens area and the undertaking actions as compensation for the new conditions. Indicatively, as the letter states, an increase in the de minimis aid limit could be requested, as well as new programs for Attica with prior notification for approval to the Community.

Regarding the implementation of an investment in a plot of land that does not belong to the investment body and requires at least 15 years of lease, it is proposed to reduce it to the time necessary to implement and meet the long-term obligations of the investment plan, more than two years.

In the context of the digital and technological transformation of enterprises, it is proposed to add to the subordinated investment plans “Production of Software, Products and services of robotics and Industry 4.0, Development of products and services of Internet of Things (IoT)”. It is also proposed that “software production” means the development of a standalone application on an existing software platform.

Finally, EVEA proposes the participation of representatives of the relevant Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the 15-member advisory committee with the right to vote.


Source From: Capital

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