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SketchAR 6.04

SketchAR Is an application with which the user sees a virtual image on the surface to which he plans to transfer the drawing. He holds a phone in one hand and sees a virtual drawing, while with the other hand he draws virtual lines on paper.

The application is useful for those who have wanted to start drawing for a long time, but could not take the first step. Also SketchAR will help professional artists as an easy way to transfer a sketch to a surface.


  • If you want to paint on large surfaces, then you need a smartphone with TANGO technology, such as: Lenovo Phab 2 Pro or Asus ZenFone AR!
  • For other smartphones, SketchAR only works with A4 / A5 paper sizes.


  • Sufficient light space is required for stable labeling. In a dark room, it will be difficult for the camera to identify the calibration circles (Marks)
  • If you are drawing on a small A4 surface, draw special marks (circles) at the beginning. If Labels are drawn too crookedly, the virtual drawing will not be displayed. The circles (marks) may not be perfect, but try to make them smoother. It is important! Try to keep the circle marks visible to the camera so that the virtual drawing does not get confused.
  • Remember to use a paper holder to keep it from moving while you draw.

Follow these rules and everything will work fine;)

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