Skiing, but when?

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Only a few days have passed since half of Italy got into a fight over the opening or not of the ski lifts, with the mountain people demanding the only real income opportunity in the Alpine regions and on the other hand the need to tighten the cords of infections.

Those who love the snow quickly put their hearts in peace in front of the idea of ​​spending the holidays at home in the city remembering last year’s dinners in the hut. But what will happen now? Does the Epiphany take away all the holidays and also the Dpcm? Even if the validity of the last decree will expire on 7 January, opening in theory to the possibility of returning to skiing, the hopes that this can happen appear rather low..


That the tracks will not reopen immediately as hoped seems to be Pulcinella’s secret, even if some faint and legitimate hope will survive until the next appearance of Prime Minister Conte in front of the cameras.

The reasons for a further reference are basically two. The first is tragically bureaucratic. Before the ski machine can be set in motion, the CTS must approve the guidelines on the safety protocol proposed by the installers. The Technical Scientific Committee – the body to which the government has delegated the decisions regarding the management of the virus and the measures to contain it – expressed itself negatively last December 24 on that document, already approved by the State-Regions Conference. There are those who think that the distance between the proposal and the government’s vision is minimal: we are talking about chairlifts with 100% capacity provided that all occupants wear a mask and that the protective hood is not lowered, while cable cars and cable cars would be limited to 50% of the capacity. There is talk of further incentivisingonline purchase of ski passes and to better manage, with more effective distances, the entrances to the turnstiles. We mostly talk about quotas, ie the limited number on the slopes according to the skiable kilometers, the capacity of the lifts and the rate of contagion in the area. In any case, it seems difficult that the whole process can be concluded by the Epiphany and a reopening scheduled for Monday 25 January seems more realistic.

There is also a question of expediency and the installers agree that it would be safer to go back to skiing when the numbers of the epidemic are under control. If today a skier had an accident on the slopes, he would not find a bed in the nearest hospital and just entering the emergency room would put him “at risk”: in the men’s downhill World Cup in Bormio, the potential injury would have been transferred to the Sondrio hospital, over 70 km away, instead of in other nearby centers.

If so then January 25, the opening date of the plants in Italy, opportunities to ski and enjoy the snow and the mountains would not be lacking. At best, there will remain the Carnival weekend in mid-February, the white weeks in March and a not very high Easter that falls on the first Sunday of April, a date on which it will still be possible to ski almost everywhere also thanks to the abundant snowfall that the winter is mockingly granting us.

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