Skin colors, so children’s crayons change

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Once upon a time, in Italy, there was that pale rosino: usually, to color the face, that was used. But that would no longer be enough: how could it be done with Mark’s face, who has a Romanian father and a Cuban mother? And with that of Alicia, who has a mother who comes from Senegal? And with that of Shui who, born of Chinese parents, has just arrived from Beijing?

And it is to follow our changing society that those who produce pencils have kept up with the times and have added the «skin tones», different shades designed for each skin color type.

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There are so many now: from Faber Castell’s set with 12 colors + 3 designed, in fact, to include all populations (the sale also has a charitable intent: the purchase supports art therapy programs for abused children), a Giotto’swho thought of an ad hoc case with 12 shades «to provide a series of tools that allow every child to freely express their culture» and to that of Lyra, who calls the set «The color of the peoples». Another step towards inclusiveness.

Faber Castell

In addition to the classic basic colors such as red, yellow, orange and green, the set of 15 wooden pencils contains six colors dedicated to the skin tone range. A set to choose from to have the entire chromatic collection and double pencils with the most diverse skin tones at hand.


It is one of the best known brands in the pastel color theme. Giotto Stilnovo Skintones: pastels in skin tones. The Skin Tones line is designed specifically for children and to give them the opportunity to freely express their culture and different nuances, even through the color of their skin.

Actually the professional sets already included different «skin tones»but – as they say – it’s always better to learn as a child.

DERWENT Academy™

Specially designed for shooting portraits of the world, this set of watercolor pencils are the go-to choice for those who specialize in headshots and faces. The tin packaging, then, adds a professional touch to the kit as well as repairing the mines from any trauma and chipping.


A set of crayons specially designed to meet the needs of different skin tones. A pack that contains 12 maxi pastels with a giant lead to choose from for those looking for a soft and flowing stroke, as well as pleasant handling thanks to the triangular section.

Source: Vanity Fair

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