Skywave Schedules 2.2.9

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Connect to hundreds of remote radios from the KiwiSDR network using the built-in radio schedules, or check that a remote radio station is on the air while you try to receive it with your own radio.

Skywave Schedule was originally designed for use with portable shortwave radios, allowing you to easily find shortwave or public service stations by listing their frequency and broadcast times. In short, it lets you know what you are listening to or when to listen to a particular station or stations broadcasting in your language. You can also listen to remote receivers to see if the station you are trying to receive is actually on the air. Radio stations can be searched using Broadcast, Utility, both types, or DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale stations).

The shortwave seasons change at the end of March (season ‘A’) and October (season ‘B’), which may result in inaccurate listings until broadcasters release their broadcast schedules or until listeners discover which frequencies have changed. Use the “Update Schedules” option in the “Settings” of the app to make sure you have the latest schedules. The author of the application is not responsible for the accuracy of the schedule, please take this into account when viewing the application.

Find a station using any combination of the following, allowing you to filter your search to easily find or identify a station:

  • Station name
  • Frequency (option for +-10KHz)
  • Time (on air now, next air, anytime or specific)
  • Range
  • Target area (multiple target areas can be selected)
  • Language (multiple language areas can be selected)
  • List type, ie & Utility) or Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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