Slap on Jens Span: In the pandemic “it rained money”, not other decisions only by decrees

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“Excessive spending” of the German Ministry of Health for the purchase of medical equipment and the support of hospitals during the pandemic blames the minister Jens Span Germany’s Federal Court of Auditors, now demanding billion-euro spending decisions not to be taken merely by legislative decrees and without the approval of the Federal Parliament.

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According to the opinion of the Court of Auditors, as broadcast by AMPE, the Minister of Health Jens Spann spent significantly more funds than was necessary in order to cover the needs for the fight against the pandemic.

At the heart of the criticism is the purchase of protective masks and the financial support of hospitals, in which, especially in the early stages of the pandemic, “it rained money”, with bonuses for staff and subsidies for extra beds in the Intensive Care Units.

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For the Court of Auditors, the payment of claims within 2020 is far from being offset by the tax revenue of the year, it is pointed out in a 42-page report that came into the possession of the RND network.

In particular, clinic revenues increased from € 80.2 billion in 2019 to € 81.5 billion in 2020, although hospitals actually provided far fewer services, while for the purchase of protective masks much more money was spent than it should be, based on market prices at the time.

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