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Sleep as Android – a smart alarm clock controls not only the awakening, but also the process of falling asleep, controls sleep throughout the night.

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The application is not just an alarm clock. This is a true sleep management system. Sleep control begins with a reminder that it’s time to go to bed. Difficulty falling asleep on command? Immerse yourself in a dream under the soothing lulling sounds of a fire, rain, waterfall, sea surf.

During a night’s rest, the application tracks the phases of sleep. As you know, it is easier to wake up during the superficial phase. The alarm clock will go off at the right time, and waking up will be easy. Moreover, the application will require you to confirm that you are up, without confirmation, the alarm clock will not turn off. During sleep, the program will hear snoring and give a signal to change your position. You can use these and many other pleasant and convenient features by downloading the application on your gadget and putting your smartphone next to you in bed at night.

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Features of the Sleep As Android app:

  • tracking deep or light sleep cycles;
  • compatibility with fitness bracelets;
  • wake-up check;
  • anti-snoring function;
  • recording conversations in a dream;
  • apnea detection;
  • alarm clock with a smooth increase in volume level;
  • compatible with smart watches.

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