Sleeptic 1.10.5

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sleeptic – a special smart alarm clock in your smartphone. Install the app and you won’t oversleep anymore thanks to the unique types of games and tasks that you need to complete to turn off the alarm.

Sleeptic app will improve your sleep, guaranteed to wake you up with fun games, and help you fall asleep faster with special relaxation music. Using the application, you can track your sleep time and its effectiveness using various statistical charts, analyze your sleep indicators using the “Sleep Depth”, “Sleep Quality”, “Sleep Efficiency” charts.

Sleeptic app features:

  • Setting multiple alarms;
  • Variety of games to disconnect: memory games, puzzles, math problems and a large selection of other games and tasks;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and duration of sleep by means of graphs;
  • A wide range of relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep quickly;
  • Variety of alarm modes;
  • The ability to turn off or make the call quieter while fulfilling a game condition or task;
  • Large selection of signals;
  • Possibility of sleep analysis using functional modes: “Late meal”, “Illness”, etc.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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