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Sloth, national symbol of Costa Rica, becomes attraction at rescue center

Costa Rica is the first tropical country in the world to reverse its deforestation process. Today, more than half of its area is covered by forests, which account for 5% of the planet’s biodiversity. Even so, conservation work never stops.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR), which has been working in wildlife conservation for nearly 20 years, knows this well. Initially founded to receive toucans, today the place has more than 200 animals, of almost 50 different species.

Everyone enters there with a clear objective: to be rehabilitated to return to their natural habitat. But the big attraction today are the sloths.

“We are always full, but our doors are open. You can’t say no to a sloth, it’s so cute!”, says biologist Pedro Montero Castro.

O Planet CNN , which will air this Sunday (2nd), at 7:15 pm, will show how the guided tours are at the site, which help to raise money to care for the animals, and also collaborate to raise awareness of the preservation of the species. And, in addition to the tours, TRR also has a small inn, where visitors can stay to experience the work carried out there up close.

“It’s great, because it’s here, on the property. Guests can take the tour, they can have coffee with us while we feed the sloths over coffee, and they can be a part of everything that’s happening here,” says Leslie Howe, co-founder of TRR.

Source: CNN Brasil

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