“Slovakia is next if Russia defeats Ukraine”, says prime minister

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The Slovak prime minister gave a sharp warning about his country’s future if Russia defeats Ukraine, during a panel at the Davos Economic Forum on Wednesday (25).

If Ukraine fails, Slovakia is next. They (Ukraine) have to win.

Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of Slovakia

Eduard Heger then criticized members of the European Union for relying so heavily on Russian energy. He called on leaders to “stop compromising” their principles when dealing with Russia.

“We’ve basically traded our values ​​for cheap gas and oil for far too long,” he said. “Being complacent with Putin caused a war in Ukraine. An aggressive war, people are dying.”

Ukrainians are “shedding their own blood for our values ​​so we don’t have to,” Heger said.

Heger called on European bloc members to work with Ukraine and the western Balkans to create “a standard of rules so that they can join the EU.”

Ukraine has deepened its economic ties with the EU in recent years, and Kiev has expressed a desire to join. Nations in the Western Balkans have sought membership for many years,

Joining the bloc usually takes many years, as nations must meet strict criteria for membership before participating in negotiations.

However, some current EU leaders have rejected the idea that entry could be speeded up because of the invasion.

“There is no such thing as a fast track to entry, there is not,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in March.

Source: CNN Brasil

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