Slovenia, the coolest destination for wellness holidays

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There is an enchanted place, a green land rich in thermal waters with highly healing properties, with a rich cultural, artistic and food and wine tradition that is ready to welcome you. Slovenia is one of the best kept treasures in Europe, full of unspoiled natural beauty, close and accessible.

Still far from mass tourism, this small country surprises above all for its healing power on a physical and mental level and is the ideal destination for those looking for a stay dedicated to health and well-being. And this is not new: since Roman times, in fact, Slovenia has been known for its thermal baths which have also been a refuge for many European royalty.

The thermal waters of Slovenia have always been renowned for their properties.
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But it is not only the waters that have beneficial properties: a pamper body and soul they are also the extraordinary vegetation, a rich and healthy gastronomic culture and the many offers dedicated to tourists.

About 60% of the Slovenian territory is covered by forests; everywhere there are streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and springs of healing thermo-mineral water. Here because a stay in a spa in Slovenia it is an experience to try at least once in a lifetime (and then to be repeated endlessly!), you just need to choose the best structure for your needs among the 13 structures united in the Association of Slovenian natural spas.

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There are no better words than these three to describe spas in Slovenia. The country is in fact a land of thermal mineral springs from which comes a healing water, a natural source of health and well-being. The richness of these beneficial waters, it is scientifically proven, improves health. Added to this is the delicacy of the marine climate, combined with the freshness of the mountain one, which has positive effects on our general state of well-being.

The spas in Slovenia are very different from each other and guarantee a varied offer that satisfies everyone: from couples to families to the most active holiday lovers or foodlovers. In fact, the experience does not end inside the factories, but continues outside, in the beautiful woods, in sport facilities, in the restaurants – some starred – and in the magnificent properties of food and wine producers.

Slovenia is in effect a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities for relaxation, to find your balance, living unique, safe and special experiences.
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Photo Courtesy: Tent Studio & Rimske Terme Resort

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