Small Brazilian industries record positive performance and revenue

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The third quarter of 2021 was positive for small industrial entrepreneurs, according to the panorama released by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) this Monday (8).

The sector’s Performance Index, which takes into account the extractive, manufacturing and construction industries, averaged 48.3 points. The result is 1.8 point higher than that recorded in the second quarter of this year and 5 points above the historical average, which began in 2012.

The survey indicators range from 0 to 100, and the higher the value, the greater the evolution. Regarding the financial condition of the small industry, sales did not change that much compared to the second quarter, standing at 42.6 points, an increase of 0.3. When the comparison is made with the same period of 2020, there is an increase of 0.7 points in income.

According to the researchers, the financial improvement is linked to satisfaction with operating profit and initiatives to facilitate access to credit.

“Access to credit is relevant, especially in a context of corporate restructuring, which have been reacting to an atypical period of the pandemic. The federal government has been implementing measures that contribute to the improvement. An example is the National Support Program for Small Microenterprises (Pronampe), which was permanently approved in June” they state in the study.

Main problems for small business owners in the area

The lack or the high cost of raw materials are pointed out by the micro and small transformation and construction industries as the main problem they face. The complaint in relation to the raw material in these sectors comes for a year and three months.

On the other hand, extractive industry entrepreneurs report that the main challenge is the high tax burden.

The study shows that the energy issue is a point of attention, as the country is experiencing a water crisis. In the ranking of the main problems, for example, there is also the high cost of energy.

Despite the problems, small business owners remain optimistic. Even with a 0.7 point drop in the Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index (ICEI) compared to the second quarter, the current 56.9 points remain above the 50-point dividing line.

In addition, the result is above the historical average of 52.6 points. Thus, researchers claim that confidence in the sector is high and widespread.

as for the future

The prospects for small industry are favorable and registered 51 points in October. The value is 1.1 point lower than that of September and 1.4 point lower than that registered in October 2020. Despite the drop, the index shows stable perspectives, as it is well above the historical average of 46, 3 points.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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