Small revolution: Peugeot switched all its vans to electricity

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French carmaker Peugeot has officially announced that the brand’s commercial vehicle lineup is now available in an all-electric van format. And, what is most pleasant for potential buyers, in terms of a set of functions, vehicles are not inferior to their diesel counterparts – cars perform exactly the same functions, but do not emit unnecessary noise and vibration, do not emit various harmful substances into the atmosphere and do not emit any smell. Given that the number of commercial vehicles in cities is increasing, these benefits will be clearly visible.

From left to right: e-BOXER, e-EXPERT and e-PARTNER

At the moment, the model range of electrified cars of the manufacturer is represented by three models (as well as the standard line of commercial vehicles) – e-EXPERT (winner of the “Van of the Year 2021” award), as well as e-PARTNER and e-BOXER presented this fall. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the fact that the useful volume of electric vans is not inferior to diesel counterparts, while the operating costs of electric vehicles are lower, and the control is noticeably smoother. With this range of vans, Peugeot plans to become the number one supplier of sustainable commercial vehicles in Europe next year.

Specifications e-PARTNER e-EXPERT e-BOXER
Power reserve 275 km 330 km 340 km
Payload 800 Kg 1275 kg 1890 kg
Towed weight 750 kg 1000 kg
Cargo volume

4.4 m3 6.6 m3 17 m3

However, Peugeot is not going to stop at electric freight transport – by the end of 2021, the manufacturer plans to launch production of the first e-EXPERT HYDROGEN van using hydrogen fuel cells. It is equipped with the most advanced technologies in the field, but the company is in no hurry to name the release date or cost.

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