Smarties were seen! Family builds their house using only a light pole as a column

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They say that when the opportunity presents itself, you have to take advantage of it at all costs and this family did so, because they used a light pole as a column to build their house. It is not a joke! They just adapted it as part of the structure to support their two-story home.

No one would think that this could be possible and less if they only told it, but social network users shared the video that shows us that it did happen. We still keep asking ourselves: Why did they do it?!

These engineers do not have them or NASA

This monumental work of modern architecture was created in the Dominican Republic and was captured when two women were calmly traveling aboard their car, when suddenly they stopped to look at it. Both recorded the construction, but one of them just said:

Gentlemen, this is incredible. Look, this column in that house is a light pole. They hung from a light pole. Oh Lord. That is improvising.

As if this were not enough, the transformer that was hanging from the pole was practically resting on the roof of the house. As for the cables, it seems that the family did not mind using them as part of the structure, regardless of the risk that this implied, because in the video you could see how they were tied there as if they were part of the decoration of the house. House.

Comments on social networks about a house that used a pole to build its house

Users of social networks did not take long to make their comments and some also denounced the country’s Ministry of Public Works to take action on the matter, because in addition to the post, part of the sidewalk was stolen! Wow, this family knows how to take advantage of all the space.

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