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SmartTube Next 12.91 beta

SmartTube Next 12.91 beta

SmartTube Next Is a convenient and stylish application for watching YouTube content on consoles and Android TV.

SmartTube Next is an unofficial open source application that lets you watch videos, listen to music and manage subscriptions on your YouTube profile. It differs from the old Smart YouTube TV application in stability and download speed. SmartTube Next is completely free and has no annoying ads, has a multilingual interface and a search function by usernames and tags. Now you can enjoy your favorite videos not only on your smartphone and PC!

Features of the app:

  • Stylish interface;
  • Disable Youtube ads for Android TV;
  • Search by names and tags;
  • New video preview;
  • Browsing history and playlists;
  • Sign in to your personal YouTube account.



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