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Snoop Dogg announces that he has decided to quit smoking: “Respect my privacy”

Rapper Snoop Dogg surprised his audience this Thursday (16). Through his Instagram account, the singer announced that he will stop smoking marijuana.

Without giving details about his motivation, he wrote: “After much consideration and conversations with my family, I decided to stop smoking. Please respect my privacy now.”

The post quickly went viral, with more than a million likes and 70,000 comments. Many internet users even supported the artist’s decision, who has always declared himself a defender of marijuana. Others lamented the “end of an era”.

“Congratulations, it’s about time,” commented one follower. “I always knew you were a smart guy,” wrote another. “You can not do that. You are our teacher,” said another. “What are you going to sing about now?” asked another fan.

150 marijuana cigarettes per day

In September last year, Renegade, known as the professional who “balls” the singer’s marijuana cigarettes, said that Snoop smoked around 150 a day.

In an interview with the Australian radio program “Kyle and Jackie O”, the woman, who had held the role since 2016 and worked full time, estimated that she had already rolled more than 450,000 marijuana cigarettes.

“I estimate that I have already exceeded 450 thousand. There are between 75 and 150 per day”, she said in the interview with the Australian program. In June, the singer even declared that the employee’s annual salary is US$50,000 (R$245,000).

Source: CNN Brasil

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