Home Politics Snow falls in southern Brazil in early spring

Snow falls in southern Brazil in early spring

Snow falls in southern Brazil in early spring

Snowflakes began to fall at the end of the night of this Thursday (22) and during the dawn of Friday (23) in some cities of the Serra Catarinense.

In Urupema, the thermometers registered -1.5°C. In Morro das Antenas, the landscape was covered with ice, as well as in some localities of Bom Jardim da Serra, which had a minimum of -1.2°C and São Joaquim, in the South Plateau of Santa Catarina, which had 0.4°C.

The amount of snow surprised residents, as is the case of photographer Mycchel Legnaghi, who was expecting to see the phenomenon, but without much hope. “It was really cool to follow and record this moment in the middle of September and spring,” he said.

The experts also did not expect the amount of snow recorded, as weather forecaster Piter Scheuer says: “At first, we had the snow indicator that was valid for this Friday. It was a small chance that ended up materializing and accumulating in a few points. And it was more representative than expected.”

The occurrence of the phenomenon in September, considered rare, happened after the passage of an extratropical cyclone, which formed over the Atlantic Ocean, along the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, combined with a strong mass of cold air of polar origin.

According to Metsul Meteorologia, snowfall after winter, in the middle of spring, is not unheard of, but uncommon. Cyclones, on the other hand, are frequent at this time of year and usually accompany the ingress of cold air masses.

In addition, strong winds were also recorded. Gusts reached 94 km/h in Bom Jardim da Serra (SC), 90 km/h in Mostardas (RS) and 64 km/h in Vacaria (RS), according to data from the National Institute of Meteorology.

Although the beginning of spring was marked by negative temperatures, the season should end with high temperatures and rainfall below or much below average. This is due to the influence, once again, of the La Niña phenomenon.

Source: CNN Brasil



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